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Posted by on Mar 10, 2013 in Personal Finance | 0 comments

Why I want you to break your Frugality!

Why I want you to break your Frugality!

I would be exceptionally naive to think that you’ve only ever read this personal finance blog. There are loads out there and the common trend across all of them is that you shouldn’t waste money on liabilities and you should invest your money in assets and then you will become wealthy. The sad thing is many liabilities are also the most joyful things in life. Going through life merely so you can be financially secure is that really classed as life or just an existence?

So what kind of opportunities should you take?

The first I recommend is an extensive travel excursion across the globe trying to see as much of our planet at possible. Too many people go on holiday to the same place each year or only ever travel across their own country. There are 195 countries in the world, granted some you would never want to visit but visiting lots of cultures will cause you to grow as a person and is a very justified way to spend your hard earned cash.

The next thing I recommend is making sure the place you live in is one you really enjoy. So that when you come home from work you are happy and content with your surroundings. I for my entire life have loved music and I recently invested in a very sleek ipod dock. I now can fill my home with the sounds of classic FM and write a blog post like this one telling you all about it! It doesn’t always need to be top of the range stuff just because it’s expensive doesn’t always mean it’s good. If you go home everyday and hate your house then have a think if it’s worth investing in a few more pieces to improve your life.

Taking your significant other on a trip or date of a lifetime. Having a boyfriend or girlfriend is very costly. Constant dates, going to meet him/her and buy gifts is a personal finance nightmare. We do it though because it does reap amazing benefits and living alone your entire life while nice at first can be boring. This I urge you to only do more so if you’re on the verge of marriage. Whisking a girl off to France is not a very clever idea if it’s for your second date. If an opportunity arises to do something amazing grasp it, you may otherwise spend your entire life regretting that decision.

So what message am I trying to get across? 3 times a year I want you to break frugality in a large way. Obviously don’t get yourself into massive debt over it but pushing the boat out is really what can make us very happy!