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Posted by on Mar 6, 2013 in Insurance | 0 comments

What are your rights to compensation as a consumer

What are your rights to compensation as a consumer

Rights are now far more favoured in terms of the consumer than the service seller. It’s swung this way because for hundreds of years consumers had absolutely no rights at all. People selling products such as, ‘snake oil’ that would cure you of diseases were effectively just con men. Consumer rights were set up to protect the people from this type of behaviour.

Injury Claims

I’m sure you’ve all seen the adverts on TV for personal injury claims lawyers offering their services. Well a lot of the time accidents do happen which put people in financial jeopardy. If it’s not your fault you are certainly entitled to claim to cover the costs of healthcare etc. I will give you a few examples. Many people think working in construction is dangerous and indeed it is. There are falling objects, low ladders and all kinds of other dangers that you’re going to encounter on a construction site. However lets say one day you get struck on the head and suffer a head injury if not a brain injury then you are totally entitled to sue and claim compensation. Just because you’re working in a dangerous environment doesn’t mean you not be financially compensated if an accident does occur.

Likewise any other workplace related injury e.g. slip and falls also you should seek compensation.

Medical Claims

Not everyone realises but if you go to a doctor and he actually does more harm than good you can claim compensation. For years people in the medical profession have been assumed that doing the best job they could is ok. Now the huge majority of the time the best job they can do is a positive one and always benefits the patient but sometimes the patient is left in a worse place than when they started if this is the case then you are completely entitled so some form of medical compensation.

Professional Misconduct

Following on from medical negligence if you go to a professional to seek help for your business, if said professional causes harm then you are able to claim compensation. You have to ensure the professional has all right qualifications for example if he is a financial advisor then he is listed with the FSA division as being a registered practitioner. It’s worth noting paying attention to the small print of any contract you sign regarding this and noting the risks if there is clause saying all advice is given at your own risk etc.

In summary as a consumer you should know your rights when you purchase goods or a service. If it doesn’t meet expectations or deliver on it’s promise then you are quite entitled to compensation.