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Posted by on Mar 27, 2013 in Savings | 0 comments

Tips on how to keep your car running longer

Tips on how to keep your car running longer

Unless you’ve been living under a rock  you would have noticed that petrol prices over the last 10 years have soared and the daily commute now costs over twice as much as it once did. Have wages increased with this change, far from it! In this post I’m going to run through how you can keep you car on the road for longer.

The engine

It obviously goes without saying that the engine is a pretty important part of a car. The first word of advice is to not rev it too high on day to day use. High revving puts pressure on the pistons and cylinders, which reduces a cars life before you even take into consideration any damage caused the chassis or suspension by increased speeds. To maintain the engine it’s worth buying the higher octane fuels as this will cause a lower build up of unburnt hydrocarbons that can corrode the metal in the engine.

Every 5000 miles you should also purchase some engine cleaner. You mix this into your fuel and run the car as normal and this should increase the engines life.

The Chassis and Suspension

How often do you pay attention to how your car is put together, at the end of the day it’s not as if it’s responsible for your life when you’re going down the motorway at 70mph. A minority of road traffic accidents has been down to poor car maintenance and a mechanical issue occurring at a pivotal point and causing loss of control. Make sure you keep a good road traffic accident solicitor on hand just in case you ever have an issue.

Review the suspension before each drive by making sure when you press down on each corner of car there is a firm even return to the neutral starting position. The Chassis needs to be checked then the car has been raised up. I recommend going to a garage and having a professional inspect it for rush and any damage via fractures.

By checking your car yourself frequently you can save on average £400 a year on service fee’s over the lifetime of your car.


Investing in a decent set of wheels is going to massively reduce your change of an accident in bad weather. Check the type wear as frequently as possible and ensure the tread is even all the way around because sometimes it can wear on the inside faster than the outside.